Sustainable development

KS Kuźnia Ustroń

We are one of the main sponsors of the Kuźnia Ustroń Sports Club. It is a club with a long tradition, dating back to 1922. Currently, the club trains over 240 players and players coming mainly from Ustroń and nearby towns. The main goal of our club is to train children and young people, while maintaining the highest standards. Through training we promote healthy and active lifestyle and league competition instills the spirit of sport struggle, teaches respect to the opponent, children and youth have the opportunity to feel the taste of victory and bitterness of defeat. However, the overriding aim of the Club is, apart from active participation in league competitions, to develop sporting passions in the youngest children and bring up children and young people in the spirit of sporting rivalry.


We proudly support the UNIKAT Association, which focuses mainly on organizing various forms of assistance for the disabled environment and promoting all activities that have the characteristics of artistic creativity. In order to meet the real needs of the disabled, the UNIKAT Occupational Therapy Workshop was established in 2004. At present it has 30 pupils in 6 studios: art and graphics, ceramics, artistic glass, handicraft, computer and development support. Thanks to well-equipped studios and professional instructors we create an effective system of support for the participants towards their socialisation. WTZ charges create artistic and applied works, presenting their capabilities in the national arena as winners of numerous competitions and co-creators of exhibitions. Additionally, they mark their presence by selling their own products at various fairs. The joy of the successes of WTZ Unikat participants, which are the result of a specific profile of activity that has been implemented for many years, leads us to constant searching, taking advantage of opportunities and common experience.